PixelPumper allows you to blog directly from your Mac, schedule posts for the future and write your blog without an internet connection, whilst publishing your images online in gorgeous retina display quality.

Upload your photos in gorgeous Retina Display quality.

For the first time on a Mac you can now upload your photos to the web in high definition Retina Display quality. No more pixelated images when viewing your website on an iPad or Retina Display Mac. Simply add photos as you usually would and let PixelPumper do the rest for you. It really is that simple.

Simply drag & drop your photos to add featured images.

It can be annoying to have to add featured images to your blog posts in WordPress. Well now it's as easy as drag'n'drop. Grab the image you want from your computer, drag the icon to the Featured Image panel and voila, PixelPumper automatically resizes and uploads your featured image for you.

Schedule your blog posts for any time in the future with one click.

With PixelPumper you can set your publish time for a date in the future really easily, or you can just save your blog post to the drafts section within PixelPumper, either way writing blog posts when you are away from the internet is now super easy.

You speak with emphasis, your writing should reflect that.

PixelPumper includes all the great formatting options included in the regular web version of WordPress which means you can still layout and style your text and images as though you were using the WordPress Content Management System.

One-click publishing makes writing faster, and more fun.

Once you've written your blog post, added your images and set your Featured Image, all that's left is to publish your post. The one click process uploads all your images for you at the correct size and pushes your content to a new post on your hosted WordPress website.